Guitarist Tom Farrell and violinist Javier Orman of KOZM -fka duo del sol- have been called avant-sonic acrobats by LA Weekly and exceptional genius by I Am Entertainment Magazine.

With masterful skill and unstoppable intensity, KOZM creates a rich musical landscape featuring a fusion of styles including Latin, jazz, classical and traditional folk. Pushing their instruments beyond the usual limits, KOZM's acoustic guitar and violin channel a host of other instruments to produce a result that must be heard to be believed.

“The guitar in KOZM is the drum set, the bass, the cello and the mandolin,” says Tom who's musical beginnings started in Chicago. “I continuously discover new sounds and new ways of approaching this instrument. This is my personal take on the guitar.”

Javier has a similar experience with the violin: “It’s my voice; it’s my way out. The violin is so close to the human voice, but it can also sound like an electric guitar or even a trombone at any moment, which makes playing it a really freeing experience.”

The music of KOZM is unique and original, but its powerful energy and nostalgic tones reflect the personalities and tastes of its two members. Javier grew up in the artsy port-city of Montevideo, Uruguay. “Great music transports me to alternate universes,” explains Javier, “and lets me make sense of things. My life has been marked by musical ‘moments of revelation’, like when I first heard exit music by Radiohead or Mahler symphonies. I’m addicted to powerful, expressive music.”