"Avant sonic acrobats" L.A. Weekly // April 05, 2012

 "entrancing (...) beautiful compositions" Monkey Biz // October 3rd, 2013

"Finger-picking good" Sound Citizen // July 19, 2012 

"out-of-the-chair, hands-in-the-air" A Closer Listen // September 16, 2013

“Beautiful, cinematic" "Phenomenal" "Folk, latin jazz and classical fuse together here, resulting in some great music that is sweet and spicy at the same time." "A breath of fresh air" The Daily Album // September 5, 2013

"hello Kaleidoscope pretty much bursts at the seams with energy. (...) Dúo del Sol, with all its percussive, insistent Latin urgency, has already earned a place in my Favorites playlist." Running After My Hat // September 18, 2013

"Their sound is an awesome intoxicating swirl of classical forms and world music (mostly Latin) rhythms, and is kind of like a fine red wine: you have to do the aural equivalent of letting it breathe, i.e. just sit back and listen to it. Allow yourself to be swept up and away." Now This Sound Is Brave // September 11, 2013

"Dúo del Sol's auditory kaleidoscope is one with many colors and details that can't all be recognized from just the first listen, yet it's still just as captivating on the surface as it is after listening to it for the thousandth time. Regardless of if you're coming from a place of loving classical and/or instrumental music or not, the richness and joy in hello Kaleidoscope should entice just about anyone, and that's what it really comes down to: when you know that they're getting as much joy creating the music as you are from listening to it." Music Murmur // September 17, 2013

"The music fits together like a well-placed puzzle, yet leaving space for curiosity and intrigue. The evidence is intense; the acoustic duo spent the effort required to produce a fluid and masterful genre-bending work that indices and engages the imagination. The debut recording is available now, a fall season release not to be missed." New York Bluegrass Community // October 3rd, 2013

"I'm officially a fan!  Duo del Sol delivered an amazing, passionate performance last night at the Laguna Art Museum.  Surrounded by incredible art, we were treated to incredible music." Laguna Beach Walks // March 15, 2013 

"A perfect example of what you get when you put two highly skilled musicians together whose creativity borders on genius. This Mira EP is a thing of beauty. The compositions are brilliantly written and allow Javier Orman (violinist) and Tom Farrell (guitarist) to showcase their individual musical prowess. Both of these guys display greatness. If you enjoy highly skilled musicians playing compositions that live in the land of exceptional genius, then check out Dúo del Sol's album Mirá." I Am Entertainment Magazine // March 30, 2012

"Mirá is an album of happiness, an early summer arriving on the California breeze. Even when the album flirts with sadness, it’s easy to address: the sadness that the good wine is gone, that Javier will need to head to the market to find some more. Mirá celebrates life lived to its fullest. Why not hit the guitar while playing it? Why not clap? Why not spout onomatopoeia with gleeful abandon? A Closer Listen // February 20, 2012

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